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Boiler Service

If you want you boiler to perform efficiently and safely it is vital that it is serviced every year. Remember boiler guarantees are subject to a boiler being serviced annually. For landlords this is a legal requirement to protect their tenants from any possible exposure to deadly carbon monoxide gases.

Any work to your boiler has to be done by a 'Gas Safe' registered heating engineer with a safety certificate provided once the service has been completed.
At Fixed Price Trade all our heating engineers are fully trained, experienced qualified heating engineers of the highest calibre and 'Gas Safe' registered.

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Boiler Service FAQ

  • Q: Are you heating engineers 'Gas Safe' registered?
  • A: Yes. All our heating engineers must be gas safe registered to work for Fixed Price Trade.
  • Q: Do I really need my boiler serviced every year?
  • A: There are three main reasons you should service your boiler every year.Firstly you boiler guarantee is only valid on the condition your boiler is serviced yearly. Secondly a boiler service will ensure your boiler is working efficiently and economically otherwise you could be spending money on energy bills you are not receiving the benefit of. Thirdly and most importantly boilers can leak deadly Carbon Monoxide gases therefore it is important this is checked yearly as the gas is colourless and odourless.
  • Q: Will I get a certificate once the service has been completed?
  • A: Yes. You will be provided with a safety certificate.
  • Q: What if the heating engineer discovers something wrong with my boiler whilst doing the service?
  • A: If the heating engineer finds anything wrong with your boiler he will tell you and discuss your options with you. He will be fully qualified to fix any issues he finds with your boiler.
  • Q: Is your work guaranteed?
  • A: Yes. All Fixed Price Trade's work is guaranteed for 1 year. Your boiler will have its own manufacturers guarantee.
  • Q: How long will it take to service my boiler?
  • A: It should take around 30-45 mins to properly service a boiler.
  • Q: How can I guarantee the job will be completed to my satisfaction?
  • A: We only use the very best professional installers to carry out your works. Your personal install manager will check you are fully satisfied when your work is completed.

How to prepare for a boiler service

There is no preparation for a boiler service as long as the area around the boiler is clear the heating engineer will be able to carry out the service quickly and efficiently.

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