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Kitchen Fitting Service

Our Pro tradesmen can fit any type of kitchen you require, from ultra modern kitchens to traditional country kitchens all with transparent pricing and full project management. We will help to give you guidance to select design, layout, lighting, flooring and colours schemes.

With expert tradesmen on hand to help with every aspect of your kitchen, we can make your dream kitchen a reality.

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Kitchen Fitting FAQ

  • Q: Do you do free surveys and quotations?
  • A: Yes. We will come to your home and carry out a full survey answering any questions you may have concerning your new kitchen.
  • Q: How will I know if I need to get building regulations or not?
  • A: We will advise you whether building regulations might be needed as part of our survey.
  • Q: Will you be able to do every aspect of my kitchen including electrics and plumbing?
  • A: Yes. We have tradesmen for every job needed to complete your kitchen including electricians, plumbers, tilers & Joiners. You won't need to employ any other contractors.
  • Q: Will you remove and dispose of my old kitchen?
  • A: Yes. We will remove and responsibly dispose of all your old unwanted kitchen including all appliances, flooring and units.
  • Q: Is your work guaranteed?
  • A: Yes. All Fixed Price Trade's work is guaranteed for 1 year. Your appliances and kitchen will have their own manufacturer guarantee.
  • Q: How can I guarantee the job will be completed to my satisfaction?
  • A: We only use the very best professional installers to carry out your works. Your personal install manager will check you are fully satisfied when your work is completed.

How to prepare for a kitchen re-fit

The best way to prepare for a new kitchen is to remove all items from cupboards and draws of your existing kitchen as well as removing any ornaments, hanging pictures and furniture from the room. If you are confident at DIY any small splash backs or tiled boarders you could remove from the kitchen yourself! Although if DIY is not your thing do not worry as we can do everything for you!

Remember, if you are having your kitchen fitted by Fixed Price trade then we can take care of every aspect of your kitchen, from design to removal and the fitting of your brand new kitchen.

Top Tips

Removing Wall Tiles

Equipment Needed: Hammer, Small Bolster, Rotary tool or Small screwdriver, Paint/Wallpaper scraper, Safety Goggles

  1. Scrape around the grout of the first tile to be removed using the rotary tool or screwdriver to create a crevice in which you can insert the bolster.
  2. Angle the bolster at about 45 degrees against the underneath of the tile and making sure you are wearing protective goggles tap the bolster lightly with the hammer until the tile becomes loose and comes away.
  3. Continue until all tiles are removed.
  4. Any remaining grout or tile adhesive can be removed with a stiff scraper. Any stubborn parts can be removed using the bolster and hammer.

Removing Lino/Vinyl flooring

Equipment Needed: Floor Scraper, Heat Gun, Utility Knife, Workman Gloves, Face mask

  1. Remove the plinth that hides the void underneath the base units of your kitchen as these may be sitting on top of the lino/vinyl to be removed. These can usually be removed quite easily, if you cannot remove them cut neatly along the edge of the plinth with the utility knife.
  2. Cut a square in the flooring with the utility knife large enough to get the floor scraper underneath.
  3. Using the floor scraper and wearing the gloves lift a corner of the cut area and with a backwards and forward motion slide the floor scraper underneath the lino/vinyl flooring, tearing off and lifting the flooring as you go. Depending on the area being worked on it might be a good idea to continue to cut and lift the floor in sections.
  4. Continue until all the flooring has been removed.
  5. Any adhesive that remains on the floor can be removed using the floor scraper or the heat gun and floor scraper. If using the heat gun wearing the face mask gently heat the adhesive until it becomes soft enough to remove. If you are exposing natural wood to be the final flooring be careful not to burn the floor with the heat gun or damage the floor with the floor scraper.

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