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Ceramic and Specialist tiling

Our Pro tilers have years of experience working with all types and styles of tile. Ceramic tiles, Porcelain tiles, Natural stone tiles, Mosaic tiles, Quarry tiles and even Glass tiles, whichever you choose we can guarantee that they will look stunning and be fitted to the Fixed Price Trade famous high standards, with our 1 year guarantee.

We believe we have the best tilers in the North East and with our transparent pricing you can be sure that you will get a quality job at a fair price.

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Tiling FAQ

  • Q: Do you do free surveys and quotations?
  • A: Yes. We will come to your home and carry out a pre fitting survey where we can answer all your questions.
  • Q: Do you fit all types of tiles?
  • A: Yes. Our experienced tile fitters can fit any type of tile on the market including natural stone tiles and glass tiles.
  • Q: Are the grout ,adhesive and tile spacers included in the price?
  • A: Yes. Grout, adhesive and spacers are all included in our transparent pricing. For specialist tiles we even seal the tiles and provide the sealant.
  • Q: How will I know what type of tile to choose for my kitchen or bathroom?
  • A: During the pre fitting survey we can help and advise on the best tiles to use for your specific job.
  • Q: Will you remove and dispose of my old tiles?
  • A: Yes. If required we will remove and responsibly dispose of all your old tiles.
  • Q: Is your work guaranteed?
  • A: Yes. All Fixed Price Trade's workmanship is guaranteed for 1 year.
  • Q: How long will it take to complete the tiling?
  • A: This really depends on the size of the room and the complexity of the tiling, this can be discussed during the survey.
  • Q: How can I guarantee the job will be completed to my satisfaction?
  • A: We only use the very best professional installers to carry out your works. Your personal install manager will check you are fully satisfied when your work is completed.

How to prepare your room for tiling

If it is your floors that are being tiled to prepare it is best to remove all furniture, ornaments and flooring standing lamps from the room. Any furniture that is too heavy don't worry our Pros will be happy to give you a hand moving it! If your walls are being tiled the only preparation would be to clear the area by removing any hanging pictures, ornaments or shelving from the area.

All our tradesmen do their utmost to make sure mess and dust is kept to a minimum but it is always a good idea to remove and furniture or delicate objects form the area where the work is taking place.

Remember! If you are having your tiling done by Fixed Price trade then we can take care of every aspect of your tiling including removal and disposal of your old tiles.

Top Tips

Removing Tiles

Equipment Needed: Hammer, Small Bolster, Rotary tool or Small screwdriver, Paint/Wallpaper scraper, Safety Goggles

  1. Scrape around the grout of the first tile to be removed using the rotary tool or screwdriver to create a crevice in which you can insert the bolster.
  2. Angle the bolster at about 45 degrees against the underneath of the tile and making sure you are wearing protective goggles tap the bolster lightly with the hammer until the tile becomes loose and comes away.
  3. Continue until all tiles are removed.
  4. Any remaining grout or tile adhesive can be removed with a stiff scraper. Any stubborn parts can be removed using the bolster and hammer.

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