About us

Fixedpricetrade.com is a revolution in home installation and assembly services, based in Australia. We're changing the market by giving the power back to customers, providing fixed prices with a fast, modern online approach and excellent service.

Like you, we were tired of waiting around to receive quotes from tradesmen. Tired of the uncertainty of what was a fair price, we wanted someone to do it for us. Realising that we could do it, Fixedpricetrade was born! With a mission to create transparent prices to save time waiting for quotes, we enable customers to purchase these services instantly online, safe in the knowledge that the work will be carried out by quality pro tradesmen!

The current market hasn't modernised, it operates with invisible pricing, poor internet optimisation and mixed service standards.

FixedPriceTrade's related businesses have operated for over 10 years providing fixed price services to major Retailers and Listed Companies. With over 2,500 sub-contractors working with us we now offer the same service to you with visible fixed pricing, great service and easy to use website and my project tracking tools.

The FixedPriceTrade customer support centres are based in our Brisbane and Adelaide offices, with a managed offshore support team.

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How Fixedpricetrade is unique in the market...

  • Clear transparent fixed pricing. Our customers will have clear visibility of the pricing, we will remove the uncertainty of costs.
  • We will offer only the best quality reliable workmanship by tradesman that are checked and vetted and fully qualified.
  • We will have the worlds first "Do it for you" fully transactional website and no need to waste time waiting for quotes.
  • Customers will have scheduled time slots waiting in all day and no shows will be a thing of the past.
  • Our customers will have their project managed through our unique "my project" tracking tool so we can ensure it goes smoothly and that every project gets a 5 star rating