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How much should you pay and how much are you actually paying for a trade service is the constant question on every customers mind. Fixed Price Trade are here to help you judge what you should be paying for a tradesman. Like everything in life you get what you pay for, if something seems too cheap, there's usually a reason for it!

How much should I pay for a tiler?

Tiling is a very specialist trade and the difference between a perfectly tiled floor or wall compared to a poor one is solely down to the quality of the tilers workmanship. A great job starts with professional preparation of the walls through to use of the correct adhesives, even the quality of the blade the tiler uses to cut the tiles will make a difference to the quality of the finish.
Depending on the type of tiles you pick this will also have an impact on your quote. Porcelain tiles for example require wet cutting and are therefore a more expensive product to fit than standard ceramic.

Ceramic tiling in the North East ranges from £30-£50 per square meter.
Porcelain tiling ranges from £45-£80 per square meter.

If a tiler comes in at a price considerably lower than this there will be a reason for it, you do not want an imperfect finish on your expensive porcelain tiles because a plasterer is having a go at a spot of tiling. Tiling is a specialist trade and remember a few pounds saved on your project will be nothing compared to living with years of looking at a poorly finished job.

How much should I pay for a plumber?

Again plumbing is a specialist trade. You should only allow a plumber who is fully qualified to do work on your property as a cheap fake plumber can cause an expensive amount of water damage. Plumbing in general can be quite job specific to price as often no two jobs are exactly the same so giving an exact price becomes more difficult. However for the more generic work such as removing and replacing a toilet in the same location you should be looking at prices between £160- £200.

Any cheaper then that and alarms bells should go as if a toilet is not connected to the waste correctly it could cause a blockage and a mess in your bathroom! Other generic work such as replacing a shower prices should rang again from £140- £180 depending on the condition of the existing pipe work. If a plumber is charging more than £180 for a like for like shower replacement he will need to provide you with good reason.

How much should I pay for a plasterer?

Pricing of plastering can vary depending if a wall just needs skimming or if it needs to be boarded. Boarding is needed when an existing wall is not a flat and even surface, the existing plaster must be stripped from the wall then the wall is boarded and skimmed over. This will make a smooth flat surface. If a wall needs to be boarded there will be a higher cost than if the wall was just to be skimmed due to the further work that is involved. If a plasterer recommends that a wall or ceiling should be boarded due it being uneven or cracked we would recommend you do this, as an uneven surface that's skimmed over can cause future problems.

For skimming an average price would be from £15-£25 per square meter this should include a high quality finishing plaster. As mentioned boarding and skimming is additional work which results in an additional cost, you should only be paying £25-£35 per square meter. This price should include all materials.

How much should I pay for a gas fitter?

Any type of gas fitting should be completed by a registered gas safe engineer. If not your work will not be guaranteed and you could also risk putting yourself in danger! The biggest variation in prices for gas fitting can be seen when having a boiler replaced. Of course there will be natural variations with this due to the make and model of boiler you pick but when a replacement boiler is offered from a price as low as from £500 this should be a give away that either the boiler is second hand or it is not being fitted by a gas safe registered engineer.

When deciding on a replacement boiler a price in the North East should range from £1600 to a maximum of £3000. If the quote is towards the top end there should be a detailed reasoning behind it such as your existing pipework is not up to regulation or most radiators at the property also need to be replaced.

How much should I pay for a joiner?

A joiners quote can mostly depend on the material that they are fitting. It is usual to find that the cost of fitting hardwood flooring can almost be double the cost of fitting laminate flooring. This is due to the fact hardwood flooring has a much longer fitting time, it requires more precision cutting than laminate flooring

Laminate flooring operates on a click together system making it quicker to fit however there will still be cuts to be made that need skill to make them look flawless. Hardwood flooring should range from £35 - £45 per square meter, where as laminate flooring will range from £12 - £20 per square meter.

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