How to make a small to medium sized bathroom look bigger!

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Whether you have a small bathroom and wish it to look more spacious or a medium size bathroom you would like to look large and luxurious, here are some simple and easy tips that will help you to achieve your goal!

Keep everything the same tones.

Firstly to give the impression your bathroom is larger then it actually is, a great and easy tip is to keep the room in the same colour tones. By having the walls and the floor similar tones, it tricks the eye into seeing the room larger than it actually is. Also by keeping the colour scheme of your bathroom to one neutral colour you will give the bathroom a more modern and clean feel.

Paint the bathroom ceiling the same colour

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If your bathroom has a sloping ceiling, as many older properties in the North East especially Gosforth do, by painting the ceiling the same colour it will help to disguise that there is a lower part to your bathroom ceiling. The room will feel and appear more open. If you have blue walls and a white ceiling the contrasting colours will draw attention to a low ceiling making a small bathroom seem even smaller!

Tile your shower up to the ceiling

Make sure that when you are instructing your tiler for how you would like the tiles in your shower area fitted we recommend you ask for your tiles to go fully up to the ceiling. If a tiled area stops one tile before the ceiling and a trim is placed in that area, it will cause a line which will attract the eye to the height of the ceiling making it appear lower. By tiling all the way to the ceiling it will elongate the bathroom wall and make the tiling appear seamless and modern. Our Pro Tilers can do any cuts you can think of so even if you have a sloping ceiling we can still tile your walls!

Use clear glass in your shower

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Although a clear glass shower screen maybe not be for everyone, they are the best for making a small bathroom look bigger! A textured or frosted shower screen can give the impression of another obstacle/wall to the eye making the room appear cluttered and smaller.

Use large mirrors in the right places in your bathroom!

Mirrors are brilliant for not only small bathrooms but any small rooms! They give the illusion of more space as they bounce natural light around a room, avoiding shadows which can make a room feel dark and small. Mirrors also cause reflections, these tricks the eye to believe the room is twice as big. Now the key point here is to ensure you buy a large mirror! Several small mirrors dotted around the bathroom may bounce around natural light but will make the room feel cluttered and take away valuable space that could be put to better use. The best place to position your mirror, if possible, is to put it opposite a window so that it gets the reflection of an outside space as well as being in a prime spot to reflect lots of natural light around the room.

Make use of the natural light

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As I have previously mentioned lots of natural light is great for making a small bathroom appear larger as it floods the room with light and opens up corners that could make the room appear smaller if left in shadow! For the window in your bathroom avoid shutters or black out blinds! These type of blinds will be blocking out all of the natural light and almost appear like another wall in the bathroom. A translucent window shade will allow you to not only have privacy but keep all of the beautiful natural light that will help your bathroom appear larger.

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