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Karndean flooring has become very popular recently. Its beautiful vinyl flooring helps give every home that extra luxury touch.
Karndean is a luxury vinyl floor covering solution that replicates natural flooring materials like wood and stone. It comes in many different styles and designs. Our PRO tradesman will install your Karndean flooring to the highest standard for a fixed price with all work guaranteed.

What is Karndean?

Karndean is a type of vinyl flooring. The way in which the product is manufactured gives the floor extra strength and a beautiful finish. Karndean is structured with five layers, two PVC backing layers, one photographic layer, one clear PVC layer and a protective coating.

The 5 layers of the product make it extremely durable. It is the perfect type of flooring for those with young children or for use in high foot traffic areas. Its durability makes cleaning your floor extremely easy, no more hoovering or scrubbing strains out of carpets, a simple quick mop is all it takes to it keep clean.

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What makes it different from other floors?

Karndean flooring has become very popular over the last two years, when compared to other types of flooring it has lots of their benefits and none of their disadvantages. If you are looking for a beautiful wooden floor effect, look no further then Karndean flooring, the design can reproduce all the unique knots and grains. Real wood flooring may look beautiful but does it last? Real wood can shrink or expand as well as take a lot of maintenance. Karndean flooring requires little maintenance as it keeps its shape throughout its lifetime.

As Karndean flooring can recreate many different looks it can be a great alternative to stone or ceramic tile flooring, which is notoriously cold under your feat in a morning as well as slippery when wet. It is not only naturally warmer under foot due to its 5 layers but it also is suitable for use with underfloor heating. It is fully slip tested due to its textured surface and makes a much safer choice for those with small children.

Unlike carpets Karndean flooring does not need a vigorous hoovering every couple of days making it perfect for landlords to put in their rented properties. Ideal for student accommodation and housing due to its easy maintenance and 35 years lifespan.

Nothing ruins a beautiful kitchen like laminate flooring that looks like fake wood. Not only can laminate flooring design look fake but it is not water resistant which can cause the top layer of the flooring to de-laminate and peel. Karndean floor is completely water resistant therefore perfect for bathrooms and kitchens.

How is Karndean Flooring fitted?

Kardean flooring can be installed on any subfloor (given the right preparation) making it a quick and easy way to freshen up a room with minimal disruption. Not only is Kardean flooring easy to fit but if a plank or tile is damaged then it is just as easy to replace. Brilliant for landlords who have student lets.

Which rooms is Karndean Flooring best suited?

As Kardean flooring is extremely durable as well as water resistant it can be installed in any room of the house! Due to its benefits the two most popular locations are the bathroom and the kitchen! You can have a beautiful natural stone effect floor installed in the bathroom giving a modern look, knowing that you floor will not be damaged due to water.

If you have the pleasure of the patter of tiny feat, then putting Karndean flooring in your kitchen would be for the best. You could have the flawless wooden floor design with the piece of mind that you have a 35 year life span of your flooring.

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We supply and fit luxury Karndean flooring to complete your home improvement project, our hand picked PRO tradesman will arrive professionally fit your flooring including any adjustments so your floor fits perfectly. We'll even leave you with the peace of mind of our Fixed Price Pro fitting guarantee . It couldn't be simpler.

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