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If you have a lovely home but the one thing that is missing is that large kitchen that you always dreamed of then Fixed Price Trade are here to help. Below we will detail guides to help make your small kitchen look and feel larger without having to move home.

Replacing cabinet doors

Solid dark wood cabinet doors although they may give that traditional authentic vibe, it can make a small kitchen look very closed in and dark making it appear smaller to the eye then it actually is. One quick, easy and affordable ways to make a kitchen appear larger is to replace solid wood cabinet door with glass fronted ones.

The glass will give a small kitchen an open airy feel making it appear larger. Also the glass will help to bounce light around the kitchen making it appear brighter and again more open. One thing to avoid when fitting glass cabinet doors is leaving your cupboards cluttered and full of unneeded items, this will defeat the purpose of making the kitchen feel open.

Flood your kitchen space with light

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No matter what colour your kitchen is lots of light will help make it feel as larger as possible. Key to this is to keep your window fittings as simple and minimal as you can as not to block any sunlight and to draw the eye to the largeness of the window. Also simple spot lights and lighting fittings can help also brighten a room to illuminate them dark corners again making the kitchen appear bigger.

We offer a fixed price per spot light to help you get an accurate quote for the amount of lights you would like. Another great and affordable way to add light is to install LED battery lights for under cupboard lighting, this will help draw away any shadows.

Paint cabinets the same colour as your kitchen walls

This is another quick and affordable way to make your small kitchen appear larger. If due to having a larger family or being a bit of a secret hoarder you could never imagine yourself having glass cabinets then this will help specifically you!

Painting your cabinets and kitchen walls a light pale colour such as cream will help to reflect the light in the kitchen and make it feel bigger. With the cupboards and the walls being the same colour, your eyes wont first be attracted to a cupboard that is closer than the wall giving the illusion of more space.

Choosing kitchen furnishings carefully

Although we would also love to have a huge solid wood dining table for luxury dinners, these are not suitable or usually practicable for a kitchen with limited space. For small kitchens the best furnishings to select are those that are petite, such as breakfast islands, slim chairs and narrow tables.

You want to avoid cluttering all of your precious limited floor space with chunky furniture as this will only leave your kitchen looking smaller than it is and feeling cluttered.

Kitchen design

The actual design of a kitchen can have a huge impact on whether your kitchen will feel open and spacious or look small and crowded. It is important when having your kitchen designed not to pick a design of kitchen you have always wanted and imagined in your dream home, as this simply may not suit the space you have in reality for your kitchen. Ornate cabinets and fussy details in a small kitchen will make it look cluttered. Having unnecessary space invading designs that will loose all appeal when the kitchen feels dark and closed in.

For a kitchen with limited space the best design will have clean lines, to give a sleek and open feel. A clean sharp design will emphasise the spaces that are empty in the kitchen making it appear larger. To get the most of your kitchen allow us to create a kitchen design before your install to see if it is the right choice for you, it is part of our kitchen install service we offer to the whole of the North East!

Knocking down a wall


Although knocking down a wall can seem a daunting process for most it has become extremely popular in the North East especially in the Newcastle area where houses are notorious for having small kitchens! Knocking down a wall will help merge two rooms into a larger space, you could keep the kitchen separate with a breakfast bar separating the rooms.

By light being able to flow through the two rooms instead of a wall creating darkness will help give a kitchen an open modern feel. Remember knocking down a wall should always been done by a Professional builder, we offer a free survey to check the construction of your home to confirm whether a wall can be knocked down safely!

Open/Glass shelving

Again this may not be a solution for everyone as the key to helping your kitchen to look bigger is to keep whats on your shelves to a minimum and not have them cluttered. However if this is something that you could do then open shelves and glass shelves can be a great affordable way to making a small kitchen appear larger. Open or glass shelves will reduce what the eye to visualises giving the illusion of more space.


Something that is usually neglected in the kitchen is flooring! To make a kitchen appear larger it is important to keep your flooring plain and a light colour. Dark colours and busy patterns draws the eyes inwards and to the floor making the room appear smaller. A current and most popular trend is called ‘mimica’ porcelain which recreates the look of natural stone and materials.

A light stone floor will not only make your kitchen look larger but give a rustic touch also! As this trend is created by porcelain tiles it is important to make sure a professional tiler lays your floor as an uneven floor will cause cracked tiles. If you live in the North East head to our website for a fixed price per square meter for porcelain tiling!

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