Maximise your homes value to a potential buyer by avoiding 8 simple mistakes!

Maximise Your Homes Value

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There are many factors that pass through a potential buyers mind when viewing a property and considering the offer they will put forward, however below are the top 10 reason your home value could be reduced and make it look like its worth less than it actually is.

Here are our tips to maximise your homes value

Dodgy DIY

Dodgy DIY is a sure way to devalue your home. Buyers want to be able to come into your home and be able to visualise its potential. Seeing wonky tiling and bumpy plastering will only make a buyer consider the money they would need to repair the bad DIY.

Old-fashioned bathroom

The bathroom has to be the second most important room of the house after the kitchen. Bathrooms can break a persons perspective of an entire home. A bathroom can be simple, clean and fresh looking to add value to your home, do not think that because you don't have a wet room then your house wont sell, but by giving the bathroom that little bit of TLC with some fresh grouting, throwing away old bathroom ornaments, adding a shower screen instead of the prehistoric shower curtain a bathroom could look completely different.

We offer fixed prices for all parts of a bathroom from changing a shower screen, to changing taps to help you budget when it comes to giving your bathroom a make over.

Neglected exterior

neglected house exterior

‘Kerb appeal’- If your home looks good from the kerb then a potential buyer will ultimately believe the home is worth a higher value before entering the property. Small things such as fresh paintwork, guttering and clean windows will make your home instantly more appealing to potential buyers.

Another great way to add value to your home is block paving. If you have a small garden with some messy grass and weeds, best to get it block paved and add some plant pots. Block paving keeps a garden looking modern and tidy all year round with no maintenance. We offer a free survey with a fixed price quote on all types of block paving the North East, therefore we can fit any budget.

Removing period features

We like our bathrooms modern but removing period features such as covering up a beautiful ornate fire place could end up devaluing your home. Period features can help show a potential buyer that a house has depths and features that could be accessorised around. Removing period features could end up leaving a home cold and impersonal which is not the right atmosphere for a potential buyer.

Loosing a bedroom

Many homes now especially in Newcastle area have converted a small bedroom into an office, however this could decrease value on your property. Even if a room seems too small to be a bedroom it is important to keep a single bed or at least at empty space for a bed. The reason in doing this is so that you can sell your home as two or three bedroomed instead of a two bed with an office which could devalue your home or make it less attractive to buyers starting a family.

Garish colours

Garish Colours

When it comes to decoration everyone has their own taste, some like black walls others like a mixture of pink and green. When it comes to selling your home a potential buyer has to visualise themselves in that property, which will be hard to do if they are being distracted by a garish decorating scheme. Soft neutrals when decorating a home are a sure way to be able to attract any type of buyer. With natural colours it means personal decorating touches can be added with cushion covers etc instead.

UPVC windows v wooden windows

Wooden windows can be a sure deal breaker for potential buyers, as wooden windows rot as well as loose heat in a home. UPVC windows are a sure way to keep worth in your home as their materials are the best at locking in heat. With UPVC windows it also means there is no need for maintenance of painting them they can be simply wiped clean.

When viewing a property with wooden windows the potential buyer will be calculating the cost of changing them rather than focusing on the properties positive features. There a very few properties left now in the North East with wooden windows but if you are one of them feel free to get in touch and we can get you a fixed price quote that will add value to your home!

Change your pebble-dash for rendering

pebble dash

Looking at a house with Pebble-dash can make a property scream old and dated! Pebble-dash can actually decrease a properties value by 7%, It is an eye sore and once on expensive to take off and make good of the outside walls. To keep your property value up stay clear of pebble-dash!

To tidy up the outside of your home rendering can be the answer, this cost effective solution takes away the look of a damaged exterior of a house and leave it looking clean and modern.

If you live in Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham, Darlington, Stockton, Middlesbrough or anywhere else in the North East and need a Pro Trademan at a fixed price then you are in the right place.

A few small changes to your property could make a hug different to its market value. Let us help you today!

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