Porcelain or Ceramic tiles. Which should you buy?

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Apart from price what are the main differences between Porcelain and Ceramic tiles?

Porcelain Tiles

Pcelain tile fitting North East, Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham

What are they made of?

Porcelain Tiles are made of natural clay & water with a finely ground sand added into the manufacturing mix. Once at the right consistency the mixture is pressed and fired at a very high temperature, this is often called the dust pressed method

What are the benefits of porcelain tiles?

A Porcelain tile uses a more dense clay and is less porous than a Ceramic tile making it more hard-wearing. A Porcelain tile is more robust and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use as it has a much lower water content than a ceramic tile meaning it is less susceptible to freezing and thawing-related cracks.

If your looking to tile a room that gets a lot of foot traffic such as hallways and kitchen floors a Porcelain tile is preferable, paying that bit extra for a higher quality tile will help protect your floor from scuffs, scratches and chipping.

Which type of porcelain tile is best for me?

If you require a more natural, rustic, hard-wearing tile a through-body Porcelain tile might be right for you. With a through-body Porcelain tile the design and colour run all the way through the full depth of the tile. The benefit of this is if any minor damage or wear occurs it can be very difficult to see compared to a tile with a glazed surface.

Another type of Porcelain tile is glazed porcelain, this is where the tile has been manufactured with a glazed face. This type of tile will give you the clean look of a ceramic tile with more design and colour choices but still have the strength of a Porcelain tile, though any surface damage might be more noticeable .

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tile fitting in the North East, Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham

What are they made of?

Similar to Porcelain tiles Ceramic tiles are made from natural clay but with an added glaze. The tile is baked then a glaze is added much like a topping on a cake. Once the design is added to the tile it will be baked again in a kiln. Although Ceramic tiles are made of natural clay, the same as Porcelain tiles, they are less durable due to having a higher water content and any chips or damage is more noticeable as the colour and design is only on the surface of the tile.

What are the benefits of Ceramic tiles?

With Ceramic tiles you have more choice when it comes to design and styles, they are also cheaper than porcelain tiles. Ceramic tiles are perfect for rooms such as bathrooms and Kitchens, especially on walls where there is less chance of damage from heavy foot fall and accidental damage.

Here at Fixed Price Trade we have seen an increase in the amount of customers in the North East requesting beautiful designer ceramic tiles for bathrooms and en-suites.

"Tiling doesn't look that hard I'll do it myself.."

Don't let these be your famous last words. Take it from us, tiling requires craftsmanship!

Tiling may look easy, ’sticking’ one tile next to another, however there are many things to consider, like an uneven surface. What if the room is not perfectly square? Matching the pattern or design. Getting that perfect finish with nice neat even grouting.

Our Fixed Price Trade Pro Tradesmen are not only experts at tiling they are experts at creating a perfectly even surface before tiling, this is very important especially for a tiled floor. If the floor to be tiled is not perfectly flat before the tiles are laid the tiles will move position and lift and crack against each other!

If you take into consideration the time and energy spent doing the job yourself, especially if you end up re-fixing loose tiles, re-grouting, and replacing cracked tiles, you would be better of paying that bit extra and getting the job done properly and to a high standard.

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