The Importance of a Power Flush

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What is a power flush?

A power flush can also be known as ‘Hard flushing’ or ‘Jet flushing’, these terms are used to describe a process that cleans heating systems. The heating system will be cleansed by using water at a high velocity but of a low pressure so that the pipes of the system are not damaged during the process

What is in your pipes that needs to be flushed away?

As a heating system is used regularly in the family household there can become a build up of sludge, rust and other debris from your central heating system. This is an inevitable occurrence to all heating systems after years and years of use.

Signs your heating system needs to be power flushed?

There are five common signs that your central heating system requires power flushing, these are:

  • Your system takes a long time to heat up
  • Some rooms in your home are colder than others for no apparent reason
  • Certain radiators in your home are cold at the bottom
  • Your boiler is unusually noisy
  • Your radiators need frequently bleeding

Flush Central Heating North East Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham, Teesside

These are all signs your central heating system needs power flushed.

If you are experiencing these problems and have neglected to get your heating system power flushed then you will be spending money on your energy bills that you are not fully receiving the benefit for. Also, long term effects of leaving your system unclean could cause damage to pipe work that will then eventually need replacing and your boiler no longer working. Both of these effects are a lot more expensive to remedy then the price of a power flush that could have solved these problems.

UK Building Regulations

England and Wales building regulations requires a central heating system to be cleaned and power flushed before a corrosion and scale inhibitor chemical is added during commissioning of a new central heating system. It is also highly recommended by Part L of the UK building regulations for a central heating system to be power flushed when replacing a new boiler for an old one.

The UK building regulations are not alone in stressing the importance of power flushing, now there are many boiler manufacturers including Baxi, Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Potterton, Ideal and Glow-worm who make their warranty dependent on whether power flushing and cleaning has been done to the standard of the UK building regulations.

The benefits of having your heating system power flushed

Apart from the two obvious reasons for having your central heating system power flushed, that the UK building regulations requires it and the lack of a power flush could result in having to replace your full heating system, a power flush has many immediate benefits such as the following:

  • Extended life time of your central heating system
  • Improvement in your energy bills
  • No wastage of of heat in your household
  • Your heating system will become more reliable

These immediate benefits will be able to be seen after your power flush! A power flush does not take much time and is inexpensive compared to the benefits it will create overall to your household, so why not get one today!

Visit our 'Power Flush' page and Book your power flush in the North East for a fixed price today

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