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What is a wet room?

Ever go to a luxury hotel and realised the shower is in the middle of the room, no standing in a small bath with low pressure shower barely shoulder height coming from the wall? Well that is a wet room.

Wet rooms are becoming increasingly popular especially in new builds or building renovations of old properties around the North East, Sunderland, Durham, Newcastle and Stockton.

A wet room is a modified shower room, instead of a shower standing over a shower tray to drain the water, a wet room allows the water to spill over onto the floor of the room.

The ability to have the water spill onto the floor comes from the room having a tiled floor that has been waterproofed. An entire bathroom can be waterproofed so there would be no need for shower screens or enclosures.

So where does the water go in a wet room? A shower drain will be inset into a gentle sloped floor and therefore the water will naturally drain away.

Wet Room Installation Newcastle, Sunderland, North East

What are the Pros of having a wet room?

A wet room can be a brilliant design for a small bathroom or en-suite as having a wet room allows for an open plan design it will make a small room seem larger, brighter and modern. Now many flats in Jesmond have used a wet room design to create a more specious living space.

Also, as there are a lack of fixtures and fittings it means cleaning the room will be now very quick and easy, perfect for those with hectic lifestyles!

Another great benefit of having a wet room is that it is perfect for those who are disabled, wheelchair users or anyone who requires ‘easy access’ shower solution.

As wet rooms are becoming increasingly popular it means that there are a variety of designs of tiles for the walls and floor to suit any personality. A wet room means that the usual quite ordinary bathroom can be turned into something luxurious and modern.

Wet rooms usually last significantly longer than the conventional bathroom that can become dated quickly! With a wet room as there are less appliances and the room is water proofed, it means that your mind can be at rest that your building will be protected from moisture damage and leaks prolonging life of tiles and grout.

A wet room install can be completed by our Fixed Price Trade Pros easily and without causing too much disruption to your home. It is important to have professionals install a wet room as if it is not waterproofed then this will cause damp and water damage to your property.

An installation of a wet room to your property will give a small en-suite or bathroom a new lease of life and add value to your property

What are the cons of having a wet room?

Although wet rooms look beautiful and modern they can also have their downsides! Although a wet room can make a small room look larger as it is open planned, it may not be practical as a wet room without a shower screen could result in splashing surrounding areas such as your towels, bath mats and toilet roll.

With a wet room the whole room must be tiled floor to ceiling because the shower isn't concealed in a glass screen with an extractor above, the heat, steam and condensation will effect the whole room. Ensuring the whole room is tiled will prevent any damp going into your walls! This is extra tiling from the usual tiling required in a standard bathroom therefore it will have a higher price tag attached to the install.

In addition, if the plan is to turn the only bathroom into a wet room and not have a bath this could decrease yours homes appeal to future buyers and end up costing you money further down the line when selling your property.

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What is a standard bathroom?

Bathroom Installation North East

A standard bathroom contains a bath or/and shower with matching washbasin and toilet.

What are the Pros to having a bath?

Everyone knows that there's nothing better then coming in from a long day at work or after a cold winters day and running yourself a hot bubbly bath, sinking into it and letting your troubles float away! With a wet room sometimes, unfortunately after a certain type of bad day, a hot shower just wont cut it.

In addition, a bathroom suite can now be picked up for a reasonable price which is great for new buyers or those wanting a change of bathroom but who are on a budget. Unfortunately as there is a lot of extra work required in creating a wet room it is a pricey consideration.

Families with children may also struggle if the only bathroom in the house is a wet room, as children love being in the bath splashing about, where a wide open wet room may look a bit daunting to a child.

What are the Cons to having a bath?

Unfortunately the standard bathroom suite can now look a bit dated even with a modern design. With this as a bathroom is not waterproofed it means that water damage is always a risk especially for those with young children who splash a bit too much or leave the tap on!

A standard bathroom is not very suitable for those who are disabled or old of age, as it would be a constant struggle if not dangerous for those to be climbing in and out of a bath, the risk of slipping could be too great for some.


The wet room is a beautiful modern design and it has many positive aspects from having one installed! However, after weighing up the Pros and Cons the wet room is best for this who live in a small flat have a hectic lifestyle where a wet room can add a touch more space and luxury. A family home however a wet room may not be suitable for turning the only bathroom into one. The best use of a wet room is turning a small en suite or a second small bathroom into one and adding that touch of luxury to your home.

Wet room or Standard bathroom what are your thoughts? Fixed Price Trade can help you with either!

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