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Reasons to have a glass reinforced plastic Composite Door

Ever have the feeling that no matter how much you have your heating on there still seems to be a draft in your home? Or how many times you give your front door that much needed lick of paint it never looks quite clean? Well we have all been there and its down to one reason and one reason only, Your door is not a glass reinforced plastic composite door!

What is a composite door?

A composite door is not just made of your average wood, a GRP composite door differs as it is made from glass reinforced plastic also known as fibreglass. This is an extremely strong material that provides many advantages for homes. This reinforced plastic is the same material used of the hulls of boats, now that's strong! GRP composite doors hold so many benefits its no wonder their popularity has increased massively our recent years around the North East, Sunderland, Durham, Newcastle and Stockton.

What are the benefits of a GRP composite door?


When you have a front door that is made of the same material as the hull of a boat its safe to say you can sleep well at night. Home security is a major priority to everyone now, unfortunately gone are the days where a front door was never locked! Whether you live alone or have children, feeling safe in your home is something you cannot put a price on.

The GRP composite door makes the average PVC door look weak, composite doors are a huge 44mm thick compared to the PVC panel doors at 28mm. This extra thickness helps a home to feel secure with the added bonus of keeping your home also draft free. Due to the strong structure in which a GRP composite door is made you can ensure yourself that going to bed at night you lock the world out!

Composite Door Fitting North East

Lifespan of a Composite Door

Now a GRP composite door doesn't just have a pretty face, it is also economically valuable to your wallet. The usual Hardwood or Softwood door as well as making your house less secure and draughty which lets face it is bad enough, they also have to painted every 5 years and have the lifespan of 25 years! That means in the life of the door you will need to repaint a total of 5 times, this is not an ideal situation. Painting a door takes time out of your free time that you want to spend with friends and family, with this, we all know that one neighbour where their door paint is flaking off and looks cracked. Little things like cracking and flaking of paint can have huge effects on a persons first impression of your home, whether that be a friend or a surveyor as you are looking to sell! With a glass reinforced plastic composite door, the life span of the door is 35 years, this is 10 years longer then your average wooden door.

In addition to lifespan, a GRP composite door never has to be painted, the total maintenance of a GRP composite door is to give it a wipe clean! This means no spending your sunday afternoon painting and your door always looking flawless in colour and finish.

Attention to detail

As a GRP composite door is made of fibreglass skins it will keep the original colour you asked for for the entire life span of the door and that's a guarantee! No matter what colour you would like your door to be from black to bright pink that door can be made for you complete with a colour guarantee. Not only is the colour of a door important but what about the doors finish? Old PVC doors came complete with a plain, plastic look which can make the front of a house look cheap and dated. GRP composite doors allow you to have a beautiful timber effect grain, therefore giving you the classic, warm welcoming look of a wooden door with all the security benefits a GRP composite door provides.

So why not have the best of both world? Looks beautiful, uncompromising lifespan and unparalleled safety.

About our supply an fit of a GRP Composite Door.

Need a new composite door. Let us help, just choose your door from a range of styles and colours including any extras for that finishing touch, and we will complete a full site survey. Once your happy with everything one of our hand picked PRO tradesman will arrive, professionally supply and install your made to measure door and handle including any adjustments so your door fits perfectly. We'll even throw in a free Yale lock and Pilkington glass and leave you with the peace of mind of our Fixed Price Pro fitting guarantee. It couldn't be simpler.

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