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This service is for labour and consumables only. As the customer you must supply awning, racks (suitable for awning mounting) and rack mounts must be available.

Customer requirements:

  • Ensure vehicle has a suitable mounting surface on the vehicle for for the roof racks and mounts / clamps as supplied.

  • Ensure awning supplied is compatible with mounting to racks supplied
  • Please advise at checkout if vehicle has included rails or if a mounting foot (supplied) is to be used.
  • Please advise at checkout the vehicle's make, model and year of production.

Service Includes:

  • Installer will discuss work to be undertaken with customer and mounting positions.

  • Install roof racks (2) using customer provided clamp or foot.

  • Install awning (1) using customer provided mounting kit attached to existing roof rack or platform with profile suitable for mounting kit.

  • Does not include drilling holes or mounting using fasteners direct to bodywork.

  • Provide customer with basic overview of installation, unit and functionality.

  • Up to 1hr on site with up to 30km of travel from store of purchase.  Additional travel may uncur a fee which will be discussed to you at the time of booking

  • A refund will be offered if you do not proceed with the installation

Service Excludes:
  • Supply of additional brackets or fittings.
  • Drilling holes or mounting using fasteners direct to bodywork.

The service will be provided as:

  • In-Home Service
Work is undertaken by Install Ezi sub-contractors. Thank you for using our services.